EDUC 371 Field Exp Elem Reading Instr

Examination of instructional methodology, planning, and formal and informal assessment in the teaching of literacy. Class and field experiences will provide the preservice teacher with opportunities to work with a student and use formal and informal methods of data collection and analysis to plan individualized literacy instruction. (1) Lecture: 3 hrs/wk; 20 field-based hours required in addition to lecture. 1 Unit


  • EDUC 331 and Permission. Must be taken prior to taking this course.


Section Instructor Time Comments
A Dr. Lisa Earp T/Th 2:50PM-4:20PM

EDUC 471 Student Teaching II - Elem

Examination of the processes and strategies necessary to teach effectively in the public or department approved, accredited independent school classroom: planning and implementing instruction, managing classrooms, and collaborating successfully with teachers, administrators, and parents.(1)Seminar: 1 hr/wk; Laboratory: Minimum 400 hours in schools. 1 Unit


Section Instructor Time Comments
C Dr. Lisa Earp
D Dr. Lisa Earp