INQ 241 Running the World Efficiently

Further develops the ability to use quantitative, mathematical, and computational reasoning by exploring a problem or issue. Through a focused topic, students gain insight into mathematics or computer science as a mode of inquiry. (Credit cannot be received for both HNRS 241 and INQ 241.) (1) Lecture: 3hrs/wk. 1 Unit


  • INQ-240, HNRS-240, or a Mathematics or Statistics course; Must be taken prior to taking this course.
  • sophomore standing is recommended


Section Instructor Time Comments
A1 K. Saoub M/W/F 9:40AM-10:40AM
A2 K. Saoub M/W/F 10:50AM-11:50AM

MATH 496 Honors Project

A program of independent study culminat ing in a paper, artistic creation, or pe rformance. 1 Unit


Section Instructor Time Comments
A K. Saoub