ECON 121 Principles, Micro

An introduction to contemporary economic discourse with an emphasis on the pricing mechanism, production, competitive and imperfectly competitive markets, game theory, poverty and inequality, public economics and global trade. (1)Lecture: 3 hrs/wk. 1 Unit


Section Instructor Time Comments
B Dr. Edward Nik-Khah T/Th 8:30AM-10:00AM
C Dr. Edward Nik-Khah T/Th 1:10PM-2:40PM

ECON 347 History of Economic Thought

An examination of the most significant work in the history of economics, including that of the classical political economists and the neoclassicals, as well as present-day developments such as information economics. (1) 1 Unit


  • ECON-121 and ECON-122 and Junior or Senior standing Must be taken prior to taking this course.
  • in Economics, or permission.


Section Instructor Time Comments
A Dr. Edward Nik-Khah T/Th 10:10AM-11:40AM