ENST 105 Intro to Environment & Society

This course provides students with an overview of the major concepts, methodologies, and theoretical frameworks employed in the social sciences to study human ecological relations. A primary goal of this course is to highlight the dynamic interplay between society and nature while introducing students to a social science perspective on local and global environmental issues. The implications of social organization, whether political or economic, for ecosystems will surface and provide an opportunity to examine the impact of individual and collective decisions. Another important goal of the course is to use the different theoretical and methodological approaches, as well as the language of the social sciences, to explore broad issues related to environmental justice, critical zone science, and sustainability, connecting the course to the other Introductory courses for the Environmental Studies Program. (1) Lecture: 3 hrs/wk. 1 Unit


Section Instructor Time Comments
A Dr. Daniel Sarabia M/W/F 10:50AM-11:50AM