Fall 2018

HIST 300 A Historical Methods

Block 11 ( T/Th 1:10PM-2:40PM )

This course serves as the introduction to the discipline, examining both the th eory and practice of history. Lecture: 3 hrs/wk. 1 Unit

Pre-requisites/Comments Completion of one 100-level HIST course, sophomore standing

HIST 408 A Public History Practicum

Experience in the field of Public History under the guidance of a Roanoke College faculty member. 1 Unit

Spring 2019

HIST 290 A Sp St: US Since 1945

Block 3 ( M/W/F 10:50AM-11:50AM )

Investigation of a special topic not re gularly offered, with the topic determin ed by the history faculty. May be repeated for credit with different content. Lecture: 3 hr s/wk. 1 Unit

INQ 271 B The Teenager in US History

Block 5 ( M/W/F 1:10PM-2:10PM )

Develops a sense of historical perspective and the ability to use the methodologies of the humanities or the fine arts by exploring a subject drawn from the period from 1500 to the present. (Credit cannot be received for both HNRS 271 and INQ 271.) (1) Lecture 3 hrs/wk. 1 Unit