Fall 2019

HIST 205 A Introduction to Public History

Block 10 ( T/Th 10:10AM-11:40AM )

This course uses a combination of scholarship, practice, and theory to introduce the bourgeoning field of Public History. Special focus will be given to museums, archives, oral history, cultural landscapes, and controversial topics.(1) Lecture: 3 hrs/wk. 1 Unit

HIST 406 A Independent Study

Supervised reading and research in a sel ected historical field. (1) 1 Unit

HIST 496 A Honors Project

A program of independent study culminat ing in a paper, artistic creation, or pe rformance. 1 Unit

INQ 110 B Black Lives Matter

Block 11 ( T/Th 1:10PM-2:40PM )

Introduces students to critical thinking in higher education, taking as its starting point a focused topic in a scholarly field. Critical inquiry will be taught in the context of careful reading of important intellectual works, as well as inquiry-based writing assignments. Research and collaborative skills will also be developed in an integrative setting designed to promote a student's journey toward a life of critical inquiry. (Credit cannot be received for both HNRS 110 and INQ 110.) (1) Lecture: 3hrs/wk. 1 Unit

Spring 2020

INQ 271 D Transgender History

Block 10 ( T/Th 10:10AM-11:40AM )

Develops a sense of historical perspective and the ability to use the methodologies of the humanities or the fine arts by exploring a subject drawn from the period from 1500 to the present. (Credit cannot be received for both HNRS 271 and INQ 271.) (1) Lecture 3 hrs/wk. 1 Unit

INQ 300 A LGBTQ Storytelling

Block 11 ( T/Th 1:10PM-2:40PM )

Asks students to look back on their experiences and their work in the Intellectual Inquiry Curriculum in order to make explicit, meaningful connections to contemporary issues. In addition to individual written assignments, students will work in small groups to research and develop a proposal concerning a concept, approach, or solution to a problem that will be presented in a formal defense. (Credit cannot be received for both HNRS 300 and INQ 300.) (1) Lecture: 3 hrs/wk. 1 Unit

IL 2020

None currently scheduled