Spring 2017

CRWR 317 A Adv Creat Writ-Screenwriting

Block 12 ( T/Th 2:50PM-4:20PM )

Development of writing skills in a designated genre other than poetry and fiction, building upon introductory creative writing courses. Students will also read and discuss works by notable authors in the genre. (1) Lecture: 3hrs/wk. 1 Unit

Pre-requisites/Comments CRWR-215 or 216.

INQ 110 A Poetry: What is it Good For?

Block 7A ( M/W 2:20PM-3:50PM )

Introduces students to critical thinking in higher education, taking as its starting point a focused topic in a scholarly field. Critical inquiry will be taught in the context of careful reading of important intellectual works, as well as inquiry-based writing assignments. Research and collaborative skills will also be developed in an integrative setting designed to promote a student's journey toward a life of critical inquiry. 1 Unit

Il 2017

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Summer Term 1, 2017

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Summer Term 3, 2017

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Summer Term 2, 2017

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Fall 2017

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