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Dr. David F. Nichols

Associate Professor


Department: Psychology
Office: 509H Life Science



2003-2006, Florida Atlantic University; Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology
2000-2003, Florida Atlantic University; M.A. in Experimental Psychology
Research Focus: Ambiguous motion perception
(psychophysics, computational modeling)

1998-2000, Florida Atlantic University; B.A. in Experimental Psychology
1996-1998, University of Florida; General Education
Research Focus: Adaptation in apparent motion (psychophysics)


Research & Teaching Interests

Teaching Focus: Neuroscience, Sensation and Perception, Research Methods, Computer Programming
Research Focus: Time Perception, Neuropsychology, Visual Psychophysics, Computational Modeling, Cognitive Neuroscience

Scholarly Activities

Recent Conferences Attended:
Vision Sciences Society (VSS)
Society for Neuroscience (SfN)
American Psychological Association (APA)
SYNAPSE (undergraduate neuroscience)

Recent Publications

Shields, S.M.*, Morse, C.E.*, & Nichols, D.F. (2017). Effects of task structure, physical considerations, and individual differences on the number of artifacts in ERP data. Impulse, 1-15. 

Shields, S.M.*, Morse, C.E.*, Applebaugh, E.D.*, Muntz, T.L.*, & Nichols, D.F. (2016). Are electrode caps worth the investment? An evaluation of EEG methods in undergraduate neuroscience lab courses and researchThe Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education. Supplementary Materials

Nichols, D.F., Betts, L.R., & Wilson, H.R. (2016). Position selectivity in face-sensitive visual cortex to facial and nonfacial stimuli: an fMRI studyBrain and Behavior, 1-12.

Grant, A.*, Benons, R.*, Johns, A.*, Hobson, M.*, & Nichols, D.F. (2016). Foreign accent perception and processing with EEGImpulse, 1-9.

Capps, R.E.*, Van Buren, E.*, Kluge, B.*, Thompson, S.*, & Nichols, D.F. (2016). Effect of accent familiarity on language processing via alpha and beta brain wave activityImpulse, 1-8.

Nichols, D.F.
(2015). A series of computational neuroscience labs increases comfort with Matlab. The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, 14(1), A74-A81. Supplementary Materials.

Kennedy, L.*, Dorrance, S.*, Stoneham, T.*, Bryant, M.*, Boyd, K.*, Flippen, K.*, & Nichols, D.F. (2014). Event-related brain potentials for emotional words versus pictures. Impulse, 1-16.

Hurless, N.*, Mekic, A.*, Peña, S.*, Humphries, E.*, Gentry, H.*, & Nichols, D.F. (2013). Music genre preference alters alpha and tempo alters beta wave activity patterns in human non-musicians. Impulse, 1-11.

Nichols, D.F., & Lyon, J.S. (2013). Improving student and parental perceptions of faculty research via an event showcasing faculty research. CUR Quarterly, 33(3), 35-41.

Hock, H.S., & Nichols, D.F. (2013). The perception of object versus objectless motion. Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics, 75, 726-737.

Hock, H.S., & Nichols, D.F. (2012). Motion perception induced by dynamic grouping: A probe for the compositional structure of objects. Vision Research, 59, 45-63.

Daniels, L.B., Nichols, D.F., Seifert, M.S., & Hock, H.S. (2012). Changes in pupil diameter entrained by cortically initiated changes in attention. Visual Neuroscience, 29, 131-142.

Nichols, D.F., Betts, L.R., & Wilson, H.R. (2010). Decoding of faces and face components in face-sensitive human visual cortex. Frontiers in Psychology, 1-28. 

* student authors