Anita Turpin Profile


Dr. Anita Turpin


Department: English & Comm Studies
Office: 120 Miller Hall



B.A., Union College,

M.A., Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Research & Teaching Interests

Communication Studies; Appalachian Literature; Irish Literature; Modern British Literature; Appalachian Theatre;  Contemporary World Theatre

Recent Publications

“The Dramatic Voices of Frank X Walker.”  Journal of Kentucky Studies 22 (September 2005):  96-103.


“Family Journeys in Jo Carson’s Daytrips.”  In An American Vein:  Critical Readings in Appalachian

            Literature.  Eds.  Sharon Hatfield, Danny Miller and Gurney Norman.  Athens:  Ohio University

            Press, 2005.  231-238.


Review of Harvest of Fire by Lee Howard.  (Louisville KY:  Motes Books, 2010).  Appalachian Journal 40.

            3-4 (Spring/Summer 2013):  300-302.


Review of Teller Tales:  What Sweet Lips Can Do and Men of Their Time by Jo Carson.  (Athens:  Ohio

            University Press, 2007).  Appalachian Journal 35.3 (Spring 2008):  263-264.