Dr. Marit A. Berntson


Department: Sociology
Office: 302 Trout Hall






B.A., St. Olaf College;
Ph.D., University of Minnesota


Research & Teaching Interests

Research interests: Sociology of the body; Sociology of sport; Intimate relationships; Hooking up; Political sociology; Organized anti-Semitism; Fascism; Social movements and countermovements.

Teaching interests: Culture & Society; Introduction to Sociology; Sport & Society; Qualitative Methods & Analysis; Quantitative Methods & Analysis; Social Movements; Political Sociology; Women in Politics; Politics in Art; Fads, Fashions, & Movements; Seminar.

Recent Publications

2018. "Fascism," 2nd ed. In Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology. Ed. Lynette Spillman. New York: Oxford University Press.

2017. "Hooking Up and Dating are Two Sides of a Coin," with Tracy L. Luff and Kristi Hoffman. In Jodi O'Brien and Arlene Stein, eds. Gender, Sexuality, and Intimacy: A Contexts Reader. Sage. Pp. 167-170.

2016. “Hooking Up and Dating are Two Sides of a Coin,” with Tracy L. Luff and Kristi Hoffman. Contexts. Winter: 76-77.

2014. “The Impact of Peers and Perceptions on Hooking Up,” with Kristi L. Hoffman and Tracy L. Luff, College Student Affairs Journal. 32 (1): 129-140.

2014. "College as Context: Influences on Interpersonal Sexual Scripts," with Kristi L. Hoffman and Tracy L. Luff, Sexuality & Culture. 18 (1): 149-165 (online May 2013).

2013. “Fascism.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology. Ed. Jeff Manza. New York: Oxford University Press.

2012. "Lecture Notes & PowerPoint Slides" for Chapters 1-20 of Introduction to Sociology, 8th edition, by Anthony Giddens, Mitchell Duneier, Richard P. Appelbaum, and Deborah Carr. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.

2011. Review of Sünner, Rüdiger. Black Sun: The Mythological Background of National Socialism. Brooklyn, NY: Icarus Films, 2009. Teaching Sociology. 39 (4): 397-399.

2009. Joan of Arc’s Daughters: Women in France’s National Front. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Köln.

2007. Review of Albanese, Patrizia. Mothers of the Nation: Women, Families, and Nationalism in Twentieth-Century Europe. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006. American Journal of Sociology. 112 (5): 1591-1593.

2005. “Political Sociology syllabus and selected course assignments,” in Sarah Sobieraj, ed. Political Sociology: Syllabi and Instructional Materials, 5th ed. Washington, DC: American Sociological Association. Pp. 4-15.

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1998. “Gender and Nazism: Women Joiners of the Pre-1933 Nazi Party,” with Brian Ault. American Behavioral Scientist. 41 (9): 1193-1218.



Dr. Marit Berntson joined the Roanoke faculty in fall 2002 after spending two years at Grinnell College as a Mellon postdoctoral fellow and lecturer. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and her B.A. from St. Olaf College. Dr. Berntson recently began a new research project on the sociology of sport using data from surveys, participant observations, interviews, and existing statistics involving CrossFit. She worked recently with Dr. Kristi Hoffman, Roanoke College, and Dr. Tracy Luff, Concord University, on a multi-year study of relationships, hooking up, and dating among college students, which resulted in articles in Contexts, College Student Affairs Journal, and Sexuality & Culture. In 2013, she published a chapter on fascism in the Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology, which she updated in 2018. Her published dissertation research was on women's reasons for joining France's extreme right-wing Front National political party based on an analysis of party documents, fieldwork, and interviews and correspondence conducted from 1997-2000. Her earlier published research was on nationalism, fascism in Europe between the first and second world wars, and women in the pre-1933 Nazi Party. Dr. Berntson is in charge of Assessment and the 2018-2019 PEP Self-Study for the Sociology Department and serves on the Institutional Review Board, the Academic Integrity Council, and as a Faculty Marshal.