David Anderson Profile


Dr. David S. Anderson

Visiting Assistant Professor

Department: Sociology
Office: 305 Trout Hall




Ph.D. in Anthropology from Tulane University, 2010

Masters in Anthropology from Tulane University, 2007

B.A. in Anthropology from University of Illinois, 2000



Research & Teaching Interests

Public Archaeology and Conceptions of Heritage

Origins and Development Social Complexity

Maya and Mesoamerican Culture, Specializing in the Formative Period

Academic responses to Pseudoscience and Pseudoarchaeology


2016  Lost City, Found Pyramid: Understanding Alternative Archaeologies and Pseudoscientific Practices.  Edited by Jeb J. Card and David S. Anderson.  University of Alabama Press.  https://muse.jhu.edu/book/46406

2015  Constructing Legacies of Mesoamerica: Archaeological Practice and the Politics of Heritage in and Beyond Mexico.  Edited by David S. Anderson, Dylan J. Clark, and J. Heath Anderson.  Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association, No. 25http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/apaa.2015.25.issue-1/issuetoc

Recent Publications

2016    Did a Teenager Discover an Ancient Maya City on Google Earth? The Tale of the Ancient Maya and a Canadian Teenager.  Skeptic Magazine 21 (3): 2-3.

2014  The Pottery of Xtobo, Yucatan, Mexico: A Case Study of Maya Pottery Analysis. In “The Archaeology of Yucatán: New Directions and Data,” edited by Travis W. Stanton. British Archaeological Reports, Pre-Columbian Archaeology, No. 1. 

2013  Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Collective Efforts in the Fight to Reclaim the Public Perception of Archaeology, by David S. Anderson, Jeb J. Card, and Kenneth Feder. The Society for American Archaeology Archaeological Record, 13(2): 18-22.

2012  The Origins of the Mesoamerican Ballgame: A New Perspective from the Northern Maya Lowlands.  In “The Ancient Maya of Mexico: Reinterpreting the Past of the Northern Maya Lowlands,” edited by Geoffrey Braswell.  Equinox Publishing, LTD.

2012  Soil Geochemical Analysis of Important Archeological Features at the Preclassic Site of Xtobo, Yucatan, Mexico by David S. Anderson, Daniel A. Bair and Richard E. Terry.  Ancient Mesoamerica, 23 (2): 365-377.

2011  Xtobo, Yucatán, México, and the Emergent Preclassic of the Northern Maya LowlandsAncient Mesoamerica, 22(2): 301-322.

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Available as a Media resource for the following topics

Archaeology, Maya Culture, Pseudoscience and Alternative Claims

Willing to speak to professional, social or civic groups on

Archaeology, Maya Culture, Pseudoscience and Alternative Claims