Jon Cawley Profile


Dr. Jon C. Cawley

Associate Professor - Environmental Studies

Department: Environmental Studies
Office: 104 Annex (Courthouse)



B.S., Pennsylvania State University; M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 1996.,  Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. 2000

Research & Teaching Interests

Environmental Science:    Riparian Zones, Diatoms, Ecosystems Dynamics, Ecosystems Restoration, Appalachian Geology and Land Use

Environmental Studies:  Transition Issues, Concentricity, Sustainability, and Resiliance.

Scholarly Activities

 I am past coordinator of the Roanoke College Environmental Studies Program, serving from 2000 to 2011.

Research Interests

(Associate Professor of Environmental Science, Roanoke College)

My research interests are centered around the geologic and ecosystem history and human historic land use within the Appalachians.

    Locally, my focus lies with the Southern Appalachian Critical Ecosystem Region (the “Biodiversity-bump”)—I continue to work with the paleolimnology of Mountain Lake, Virginia, and its human land use.. This work has included sediment coring, water chemistry and analysis, and diatom analysis. I am interested in biodiversity and sustainability issues, particularly as related to human development, human-impacted riparian and stream systems, planning issues, and wetland restoration.

    In the northern Appalachians (primarily Pennsylvania and New York), my interests have included regional history of technology: of the oil basins, charcoal iron, and various glassmaking industries. I am Transition Certified, and have specific research interests in Transition, Concentricity, and Resiliance.

    I tend to favor ecosystem dynamics and systems analysis approaches in my research. These approaches to ecosystem analysis and problem-solving are related to my professional experience and background in environmental consulting and geology. 


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