Kristi Hoffman Profile

Dr. Kristi Hoffman


Department: Sociology
Office: 201 Trout Hall



  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, University of Virginia
  • M.S., Ph.D. in Sociology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Research & Teaching Interests

 Research interests: Interfaith Marriages and Families, Intimate Relationships; Hooking up; Service Learning, Sibiling Violence

 Teaching interests: Marriage and Family in the 21st Century; Intimate, Marital and Family Relationships; Criminology; Education and Society; Introduction to Sociology; Seminar; Understanding Poverty through Service.

Recent Publications

2015. “Hooking Up and Dating: Two Sides of the Same Coin?” with Tracy L. Luff and Marit Berntson. Contexts: Understanding People in their Social Worlds. Forthcoming in Fall. 

2014. “The Impact of Peers and Perceptions on Hooking Up,” with Marit Berntson and Tracy L. Luff. College Student Affairs Journal, 32 (1): 129-140.

2014. "College as Context: Influences on Interpersonal Sexual Scripts," with Marit Berntson and Tracy L. Luff. Sexuality & Culture. 18 (1): 149-165 (online May 2013).


Dr. Kristi Hoffman joined the Roanoke College faculty as an Assistant Professor in 1998. Her undergraduate work at the University of Virginia concentrated on criminal justice issues, focusing on juvenile justice, the death penalty, and women inmates. As a graduate student at Virginia Tech, she completed research on family violence including a study on wife abuse in Thailand and teenage sibling violence in the U.S.

Recent research projects focus on dating and intimate interaction patterns among young adults, interfaith marriages and families, and service learning. 

She teaches a variety of courses in her areas of expertise including Criminology, Education and Society, Introduction to Sociology and Intimate, Marital and Family Relationships as well as two Intellectual Inquiry courses: Marriage and Family in the 21st Century and a May term class, Understanding Poverty through Service.  All of her courses incorporate service learning projects. 

Dr. Hoffman also works with college staff on programs that focus on the prevention of sexual assault and promoting heathly relationships.